Monday, May 12, 2008

A couple of questions for you.

Life is just moving too fast for me right now. I really like being home and being with my family. I have no desire to always have to be out and be around people. I have always been more of a night person but now I am finding a new appreciation for the early morning. I like to get up early before my girls, and just listen to the quietness of the day beginning. I can sit and read or do my Bible Study, a lot of the time I just stare out my window. We live on the North Saskatchewan River so it is beautiful to look out at the river. We also have two bunnies that live in the area between our home and the river. My girls have named them Hoppy and Smiley. I even bought rabbit pellets that we spread over the grass in the area that they like to eat. Every morning I keep an eye out for them to see how their food supply is.

If only I had more time to enjoy the stillness. But the girls get up and need to get ready for school and my husband off to work. Tomorrow I am off to the University hospital for more tests. I am still feeling the weakness in my legs. But I think that it is all coming back to stress. I need to take better care of myself. As my husband reminds me, I am no help to anyone if I am not taking care of myself and not feeling well. I have good intentions with all the things that I get involved in, but at what cost? God gave us one body to take care of. Some days I just need to stop and evaluate how I am doing. So how are you doing? Take it from me, slow down, enjoy each day to the fullest. I am going to try and live by my own advice.

I have been thinking about that guy who is dying and wrote “The Last Lecture” for his class. He has been on Oprah and everything else, now it has become a book. I have been thinking about what would I write if I was given a ‘death sentence’? He had time to think about it and have the opportunity to share his thoughts. Not everyone is that fortunate. Many lives are taken each day in different circumstances. What things would they have shared if given the knowledge of their life being cut short?

There is something for you to journal about tonight. What do you have to share?

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