Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thank you servers!

Tonight was a great night. Something that I didn't know that I needed so badly. The youth pastor at our church has been doing a lot of service projects with the youth. It has been great seeing the youth getting involved. Tonight they did something awesome! They gave parents in the church free babysitting! We dropped off our girls and went out for supper with our neighbours and I ate way too much food. Then we went to a coffee shop and ran into two other couples so we had a great time visiting.

What a great service project! My girls were so tired they will definately sleep well tonight. I think I will too. We have had a few busy days and tomorrow I am doing a book signing at the Focus on Women Trade Show. I am only going for a couple of hours but I am pretty excited. But it is going to be a crazy day. Thank goodness next week is slower.

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