Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'll let you in on a secret.

I have been working through some things for my next book. I will let you in on a bit of it. I want to write to those who are in thier late teens and 20's and trying to figure it all out. You are taught math, english, science, all these facts and formulas but then you are thrown into life and you can't make sense of it all. Not everyone can backpack across Europe trying to find yourself. I am tyring to write in a way that it is like we are sitting down having coffee in my living room and I am sharing with you some of the inside secrets that help make that time a little easier.
Some would say that you need to figure it out for yourself, that life is a journey and you need to sometimes learn the hard way. But my thinking is why not help you along the way. You are still going to make mistakes, its a part of life, that is how we develop character. But I would like to see you heading on the right path.

So if you are in that age category and you have questions or suggestions, fire away, I am all ears. I am already setting up the chapters and I am hoping to have it to my publisher by the end of the year!

There are so many topics that I want to cover, so many lessons that I have learned. I remember when I was 23 I was working at Muskoka Woods Sport Resort in Northern Ontario, and I was discovering who Christ created me to be, I was full excitement as to what God was going to do in my life next. I remember everyone around me was freaking out about what they were going to do, what God wanted them to do; and I was like "I have no idea what God wants me to do or what I am going to do next but I can't wait to find out!" I didn't stop living because I wasn't sure of my directions. Someone once told my husband and I that it is easier to move a car in drive than it is in park. The same thing is with us. It is easier for God to use us if we are living our life, not just sitting around waiting for something to happen. If you are looking for direction, keep living your life, keep in the scriptures and keep the communication lines open. You may not understand what is going on now but hang in there.

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