Thursday, June 05, 2008

book signing

Last night I did another book signing. I really have a hard time with those. You never know if anyone is going to show up and you sit at your table looking like an idiot for a couple of hours. At least I was sitting in a gallery that had great works of art from local artists.

Every book signing has been different but all had the spirit of weird about it, and they don't do a whole lot for my self-esteem. I have to say that the local media has been so supportive of me. I have been very thankful. Ever since I became a finalistist in the Canadian Christian Writing Awards I have had all differnt radio stations and newspapers contacting me. The awards are next wednesday so we will see how I do.

Making it to the finals in a National competition is really cool. There are people who submitted books that didn't even make into the competition. So I am proud of myself for making this far. I am up against one other person in the Young Adult category so I have a 50/50 chance of winning! I am glad I didn't write a fiction book because 'The Shack' is a finalist in a few categories. I have a feeling that it will do quite well. If you would like to see the finalist list click here

I am getting so excited about my trip to Ontario. Co-hosting the Drew Marshall Radio Show is going to be awesome!!!! He even asked for some suggestions of who we could interview. There are just so many possibilities I don't know. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

The girls conference that I will be speaking at in Strathroy is going to be great! A whole week with these girls. WOW! I can't wait! Then on to 100 Huntley Street. I would have never thought I would ever see myself sitting on their couch.

I have to say that this whole experience is very humbling. Like my good friend told me after she read my book, "I know you didn't write the book because it is too good." I totally loved that compliment, and I understand what she means. When I wrote my book I knew what topic I wanted to write about than I would study scripture and then write what I had learned. Too many speakers/writers today first write what they want to say and then search for scripture to back up their words even if they have to twist the scripture a bit or use just part of a verse. Think about that for a minute. Who would you rather learn from? My subtitle is 'Discover the Truth or believe the lie.' If I wasn't studying and writing from the Truth could I morally even want my book to be published? With all that I see happening with my book I know that it a gift and it is to be used for HIS good not mine. AMEN!

I can't wait to see how he is going to use me for HIS purposes over the next few months. Join me for the journey. I will keep you posted and if you think about me keep me in your prayers, prayer is the most powerful weapon we have. I have seen it first hand, but that is another post.

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