Thursday, June 12, 2008

I won!

I can't believe it, I won! I won The Word Guild's Canadian Christian Writing Award in the Young Adult category.

I checked everywhere on the Internet before I went to bed last night to try and find out. Then I didn't sleep much because I was wondering. Then I got up early this morning and still couldn't find anything.

The local radio station was right on top of things and called me early to find out if I won and I didn't even know yet.

So then I started to send emails. Then I received the list. And saw my name as the winner, and didn't believe it. Then I read it again and still wasn't sure I was seeing it correctly. I closed the email and opened it again and it still had winner listed beside my name. Then I called my husband and my mother, then my publisher and the radio station and well my phone has been busy all morning. I wasn't expecting this when I got up this morning. I just finally got dressed. I was doing my phone interviews in my pyjamas with bed head! The joys of being able to do your job from home, I guess.

Well, got to go and write my press releases for my Ontario book tour now that I have the good news. Wow, I am still in shock. :)

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