Monday, February 16, 2009

Why are you asking me?

There is so much to learn from the woman who encountered Jesus at the well. What a day she experienced when she went to draw water and found Jesus instead.

As she approaches Jesus sitting by the well; he asks her for a drink of water. She does one of the most outrageous things mentioned in the Bible. She asks Him why? She boldly wants to know, "Why are you talking to me?” Good for her!

Why don’t we ask more questions? There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions; the disciples were full of questions. Asking questions is how we can grow deeper in the understanding of our faith.

The Samaritan woman had made many interesting life choices. Now she finds herself being asked for something from yet another man. No wonder she is full of questions. We don’t know the particulars concerning the 5 husbands, deaths, divorces, we honestly do not know and it is not our place to judge. She is obviously confused with who she is. Like so many of us today she is so desperate for love, a relationship, for acceptance that she welcomed anyone who would have her. Jesus knows and understands her need.

Jesus does not tell the woman to repent or change her ways, she already knows that she needs to make changes. He gives her truth and hope. AMEN!

Jesus tells her that He is the Messiah, she then leaves her water bottle and runs to the village and tells all the people that had made her an outcast about her experience at the well. Then the villagers came to see Jesus and he stayed for two days to share his message of truth and hope with anyone who would listen and believe.

Jesus accepted this woman who was an outcast in her community and the village whose race was despised by the Jews. They all found something that we all long for; acceptance.

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