Tuesday, March 03, 2009


On September 4th I wrote this on my blog:

"Something else new that I have been doing lately is that I got a new Bible. Most people would freak! They have everything nicely underlined and circled in their Bibles and would be lost without their special copy. But I found that when I was studying and I came to a part that I had underlined I would skip it because I felt that I had already been there done that and so I didn't need to read it any more. So I found a beautiful Bible that inspired me and I haven't underlined a thing. Everything is new and ready for me to discover and it is awesome! Amazing what a new perspective will give you."

I have been preparing to speak at a conference in Saskatoon and so I have been spending a lot of time in the Word and writing. This past week I was thinking about my old Bible and trying to remember where I put it. I found it and put it in my Church bag. Yes, I have a church bag, it seemed that with all the handouts and crafts from Sunday School and Kidzone and then my girls would visit the Church library - my hands would be overflowing with "stuff" so now I bring an extra bag that carries my Bible and Journal and all of my girls "stuff". So at church the Sermon is coming so I pull out my journal and Bible and I open it to the verse our Pastor is discussing and when I opened my Bible I felt like I was home. I felt like I wanted to curl up in it and rest. Just be. I don't know if that sounds strange to anyone, but that is totally how I felt. I just wanted to hug it, to experience it, to rest in it. What a wonderful feeling.

So I guess, it is amazing what a new perspective will give you.


  1. When and where are you speaking in Stoon? I would love to come!
    -Jami K

  2. I will be speaking at Sharing the Journey, here is the link: http://www.wjof.com/stj.php


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