Monday, March 09, 2009

God, what were you thinking?

Have you ever asked God why He made you the way he did? I know that I have. Somedays it's several times a day! Maybe you were thinking that he had an off day the day He thought about you and formed you in your mothers womb?

Maybe like the day he created the platypus, you know the animal that looks like a duck, beaver and an otter? Have you ever wondered what God was thinking when He created the platypus? Maybe on the sixth day he was tired at the end of a long day of creating and He just threw all the leftover parts into one animal?

You know what? The platypus was not an accident and neither are you. When you question God’s creation of you, it is like a slap in the face. And I am sure that God isn’t someone you want to be slapping around.

Be happy with your uniqueness, celebrate it, no one else has what you have!!! Discover your God given gifts and use them to help and serve others. What a way to live!!!!!!

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