Thursday, June 03, 2010

Righteous Rant

I am just overflowing with emotions right now.  Mentoring has been something that is so heavy on my heart that it pains me to see opportunities lost and the pain and silent suffering of those who needed that interaction in their life.

Recently a young man committed suicide in our community in a very public display.  This is becoming too common and is not something that is talked about.  And that just makes me mad!  I am sorry for this family and their loss and that this is the choice that he made, as well as the other families in the community who have lost a loved on this way.  But we need to get our heads out of the sand and see that this is becoming a problem and we need to help our youth.  Why are they even considering this as an option?

As I look at this trend in my community I wonder who are the people that are involved in their lives, who comes across their path that could have made a difference?  When given that nudge in our spirit to say a word of encouragement do we choose to make the effort or do we continue on with our busy schedules?

As I am being consciously aware of my responsibility as outlined in Titus 2, I am noticing more opportunities crossing my path daily!  It makes me wonder how many opportunities I may have missed.  As I looked at the picture of this young boy the thought kept running through my head, "What are we as the “church” doing?”  I do not mean that big building on the corner I mean those of us who represent Jesus Christ doing in our daily lives?  Scripture tells us to become more Christ-like.  I heard an interesting description from Matt Chandler from The Village Church the other day as I was listening to a podcast.  He was talking about when Jesus was instructing his disciples to go and make disciples.  The word “go” in the context is passive.  It means as you go about your day-to-day make disciples.

I see it the same with mentoring, as you go about your day be an example of Jesus Christ.  The church doesn’t need another program, we as followers of Jesus need to actively live our lives for the greater good.MeAMentorlogo

I hate advertising things for myself but this is a message that needs to get out there and be heard.  So I am going to be teaching my Mentoring webinar again.  I set up an event on Facebook so we can share the word with our friends and the more people that start living the “passive go” mentoring the better our families, communities, schools, neighborhoods will become.  Please click HERE  to visit the facebook event for more info and to sign up.


  1. I appreciate your blog this morning Carolyn...I am a mom who could easily be in this family's shoes and although there ARE some who are truly supporting her and trying to help her, I, too, wonder who is there for my daughter and what the future holds for her if she doesn't start making positive choices...and all the while that I am concerned about her, one of her friends was on MY doorstep yesterday morning with tears in her eyes asking me for a hug and needing to talk and so I pray that as I can be there for this sweet girl, that someone will make a difference in my daughter's life, too!!

  2. CJ, I heard about what this young man did on the radio and was shocked. How could someone so young think that this was it? It's a question I think we should all ask.


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