Tuesday, February 07, 2012

So much to share

Where to begin?

I am finding that life is too short to be this busy and stressed out so I knew that changes needed to be made.  The first thing that I did was temporarily shut down my Etsy shop.  I am moving in a new direction with my crochet items and I need time to revamp and organize.  I also need time to finish up the orders that I currently have and just so everyone knows—I am no longer taking personal orders.

Secondly I quit my job as the crochet instructor at Michaels.  It was just becoming too much, with having to drum up new students and photocopy zillions of handouts and having to reschedule classes.  I have to admit that when I finally made the decision to quit a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  And I was able to cross off about 15 things off my to do list.  That felt really good!  And then I took white out and erased all the classes off my calendar and that felt good too!  I thought that I would be really upset but it is totally okay!

Now I am focusing on my husband's business.  I am the “office manager” and to be honest I wasn’t doing a very good job.  Since it is his income that keeps are family warm, clothed, fed and a roof over our heads, I knew I needed to give that “job” more attention than I normally do.

As with my crocheting, I am not going to give much away because I want to wait until I open my shop for the big announcement but I thought I would show you a few of things I have made in the last little while.

One thing I can tell you is that I have changed the name of my crochet shop to Living Skies Crochet!

This is a design that I did myself!


A huge slouchy hat!


Another slouchy hat


I have totally loved making rings!


I made a few cowls as Christmas time.


My new earrings have been a hit as well!



  1. 'They' say "change is as good as a rest!"
    LOVE those rings!

    1. Nicole- I am glad that you like the rings! :)

      I can see a lot of changes coming and they are all good but I know it will take some work to get to that point but it will be worth it in the end!

  2. sounds like an adventure to me! The words to my teenagers song go like this "live the adventure, that's how its meant to be, take the hand of Jesus and look at all you'll see, live life to the fullest...its how its meant to be...

    looking forward to following:)


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