Thursday, September 19, 2013

Exciting news!

Well, exciting news for me.  I won a local photography contest!  I just love taking pictures.  Last night I had a half an hour before I had to pick up my girls at youth (I can’t believe that they are old enough to go to youth) so I thought about what errand I might do.  Then I looked in my new awesome bag from Jo Totes……

jo totes

and saw my beautiful camera!  So I drove down to the riverfront and starting snapping pictures!  So much fun!

Prince Albert,  Saskatchewan

totem pole on Prince Albert's Riverbank, SaskatchewanI am so thankful that I purchased a new camera that I can documents these moments.  So are you wondering about the photo that won the contest?  Here it is…..

Tiger lily

This is our Provincial flower and it is actually growing in my flower bed!  I do not have a green thumb, so this flower is an accomplishment all on its own!

Have a beautiful day my friends, enjoy each moment that presents itself.


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